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Skinner Creative, Inc. was started in May, 2002 to provide creative consulting services to the composite industry.

The company was founded by Michael L. Skinner who has more than 30 years experience in business startups, managing composite companies, building industrial machinery, developing parts and processes, designing and manufacturing control systems, writing software and developing solutions. Michael L. Skinner has a Masters Degree in electrical engineering and extensive experience in business management, sales, and mechanical, electrical and software design. Skinner Creative has a portfolio of contract service providers to provide composite design, FEA, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, machine shop fabrication, electrical fabrication or whatever service is required to get a job done.

Skinner Creative has provided services, from developing business plans to full plant design and commisioning, to many companies, from the largest multinationals to the smallest startup.

Skinner Creative also publishes and maintains the web site - resources for the composite industry. This web site has several online tools for performing calculations used in various composite processes. Calculators for Resin Formulation, Pultrusion and a suite of Winding Wizard™ Filament Winding tools are avaialable.

Skinner Creative, Inc. is dedicated to providing a creative solution to your problem. Contact Skinner Creative, Inc. to get started on a creative solution for you today.


Last update February 13, 2010