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More than 30 years machinery design, software and web design and industrial automation experience. Specializing in:

  • Concept and System Design
  • Machinery Design
  • Control System Design
  • Software and Web Design
  • Process Design
  • Plant Design
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Installation & Service
  • Servo Systems & Motion Control


Some recent projects:

System, software and electronic design for a special application machine

Utilized "off the shelf" electronics components to build two prototype systems for proof of concept. The prototypes utilized motion control systems and instrumentation for precise measurements. Used Microsoft Excel as a platform for the first iteration of the control software. Upgraded control software to Python for the Proto B device. Extensive use of Python for user interface, data acquisition and data base access. Web Site Design and Application

Designed and developed this web site using extensive PHP and MySQL programming which allows the site to interface to Google Maps and display longboard runs. Web Site Design and Applications

Composites Consultants is a web site dedicated to the composite industry. It has categorized listing of companies involved in the industry. Free listings are provided for suppliers, developers and consultants that provide services to the composites industry. The site contains a selection of free on-line tools for resin formulation, pultrusion, and filament winding. It also has a news page with news from all of the composites industry media players, a calendar page with links to important composite industry events, and much more information of use to composite industry professionals. The web site is written in PHP and uses a MySQL data base.

Revision and enhancement of SCADA software

Rewrote and enhanced existing SCADA software system. Coding in Microsoft C++.

Developed controls package for a fiber placement machine

Developed a distributed ethernet based control package for a client's fiber placement machine. The control package consisted of three separate controlled subsystems (two PLCs and one computer) all connected via ethernet. The main control console used Labview to integrate the subsystems and provide a very user friendly interface.

Developed a web and browser based Data Collection System

Developed a data collection package based on a web server with PHP/MySQL. The data collection system was designed for collecting data during several steps of the client's manufacturing process. Data collection consisted of automated collection from process controllers and manually entered data from the operators. The data was made available to users via a ODBC server.

Medical device test unit

Designed embedded microprocessor control for medical device test unit. Wrote software for microprocessor. Designed housing and mechanical fixture for unit and developed main PC controller software in Windows C++.

Last update february 13, 2010